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Reports show that more than six million children across the U.S. live with at least one parent who is dependent on addictive substances. In Oceanside, CA, drug abuse and alcoholism are on the rise. Addiction has destroyed several families, left many in debilitated health and ruined the careers of talented individuals here. Treatment facilities like Our Addiction Rehab have offered a ray of hope to hundreds of Oceanside residents supporting them in their battle against addiction. If you or your family member is dependent on alcohol or drugs, come to us and we will show you how to regain control of your life.

A Three Stage Recovery Plan

Addiction cannot be cured overnight but with our three stage recovery program you are sure to leave this illness behind for life. At California Addiction Network, we offer intervention, detoxification and rehabilitation for alcoholism and drug abuse. At each of these stages of treatment, our staff members will give the patient the compassionate care and friendly support that helps him/ her maintain a positive outlook that is critical for recovery.

Intervention is the critical first step in dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse. Studies reveal that when intervention takes place under the guidance of trained professionals, its rate of success is magnified. Our Addiction Rehab physicians advice family members/ friends of the addicted person on the critical aspect of successful intervention. We will tell you when to intervene, how to approach the patient, the importance of maintaining a coordinated front and much more that will help you successfully force the patient to confront and accept the problem.

The detox stage that follows is a difficult phase for the patient and his/ her family. Our Addiction Rehab physicians offer the physical and emotional support necessary to complete this cleansing process that prepares the patient for rehabilitation. Counseling sessions with the patient and his/ her family and friends ensure that the withdrawal symptoms are dealt with without setbacks in the recovery.

During rehab, the patient is given the necessary medical help as well as guidance that helps him/ her identify the triggers that push him/ her toward addiction. Our physicians also tell the patients how to deal with triggers without losing control.

Individual Attention and Tailor-made Treatment

Since addiction may be the result of diverse emotional and physical causes, it is not viable to implement the same treatment program for all patients. At Our Addiction Rehab our physicians assess every patient’s unique needs, carrying out discussions with him/ her as well as close associates to determine the underlying cause of the illness. Based on these discussions, our physicians draw up a treatment program that is tailor-made for the patient, addressing his/ her specific requirements.

Through the intervention, detox and rehab, Our Addiction Rehab physicians are closely involved with the patient through interactions to gauge where he/ she needs extra attention/ help. This individual attention and focused approach ensures that each patient gets all the support needed to overcome the addiction quickly and effectively.

Do not allow your loved one to become an Oceanside addiction statistic. Come to us for effective, comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse treatment that will empower them to resume a normal, healthy life in the shortest possible time.